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Debt Relief

I am very pleased to announce that I am now "Of Counsel" and I am associated with the national debt settlement law firm named McCarthy Law. Here is a description of how they can help you.

Facing financial difficulties and dealing with overwhelming debt? You aren't alone and McCarthy Law is the law firm that wants to help you. There are times when good, hard-working families can't make ends meet. Divorce, job loss, unforeseen expenses, medical problems are just some of what McCarthy Law sees everyday. At times like these, you need a debt attorney on your side. McCarthy Law is the experienced law firm who can negotiate big reductions in your debt that can make a life changing difference for you.

Most hard working people don't know that they have real options when they find themselves dealing with tough debt issues. McCarthy Law offers a no cost consultation so that they can understand your situation and offer real help that fits your unique situation. McCarthy Law fights against aggressive collectors who might harass you or attempt to recover money from you through aggressive and even illegal measures.

Lawyers can offer solutions and support that supposed debt settlement experts cannot. From representation in a current or future lawsuit to representing you against aggressive and illegal collection practices. The irony is that debt settlement companies often cost far more and get less desirable results.

McCarthy Law wants to help you find the best way to solve your financial problems. You have rights and options! Let McCarthy Law help you get your life back today!

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