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Phoenix Attorney Elliot S. Isaac

Combining Cost-Effective Representation with Compassion

Choosing the right lawyer to help you through a difficult situation can be overwhelming. Your attorney needs to have legal experience, but you also need to be comfortable discussing very personal matters with him or her.

At the Law Office of Elliot S. Isaac, P.C., we have spent over 30 years helping clients through difficult times in the Phoenix area. Whether you are facing discrimination at work, were fired illegally, or need help with your divorce or child custody matter, we offer the compassionate, experienced representation you need.

Mr. Isaac earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Columbia University in New York City. He graduated from the New York University School of Law. We offer the experience and skill to address your legal needs. Over the past three decades, we have represented clients in federal and state courts, as well as before arbitration tribunals.

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