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Working To Protect Employees From Workplace Discrimination

All employees should be treated fairly in a workplace. Any employers that take action against an employee based upon how they look, what gender they are, their religious views or other reasons are in violation of federal law. This type of discrimination can negatively impact an employee’s life in many ways and should never be tolerated.

At the Phoenix office of Law Office of Elliot S. Isaac, P.C., we are determined to protect your rights as an employee and hold your employer responsible for the illegal discrimination actions that have been taken against you. Attorney Elliot S. Isaac has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these and other types of employment law cases, having handled them for clients throughout the surrounding communities for over 30 years.

Types Of Discrimination

When you are demoted, denied a promotion, treated with hostility, sexually harassed or experience other negative actions at work, you may have experienced discrimination. Our firm stands up for the rights of victims of all types of discrimination, including:

  • Race discrimination: This type of discrimination is based upon your race, an assumption about race that your employer made, or the color of your skin.
  • Sex discrimination: Whether you are a man or a woman, or identify as one gender or the other, your employer can not make any decisions solely based on your sex.
  • Age discrimination: Some age discrimination cases involve younger individuals who are discriminated against due to their age and inexperience. However, many more cases involve older or aging individuals and employers taking action due to their advanced age.
  • Sexual Orientation: It is against the law to discriminate against a job applicant or employee because of their sexual orientation. We pursue cases for clients who are victims of this type of discrimination.
  • Other types of discrimination: In addition to the above described types of discrimination, our firm also handles cases where an employee has been discriminated against because of their national origin, religion or creed, physical or mental disability, pregnancy and others.

Why You Should Have A Lawyer

Discrimination cases can be complicated and require an abundance of documentation. We can step in from the very beginning of the case, even if you are unsure you are being discriminated against. Our firm can listen to the situation and determine the best way to proceed with a case. There are also time frames during which a civil claim for discrimination can be filed. We stay current on all the laws, know the timelines and can ensure your voice is heard.

We Are Here To Help

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